Cat Missing For 10 Years Reunites With Owner In Emotional Homecoming

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Losing a pet can be an incredibly painful and difficult experience for many pet owners. Pets are often considered members of the family, and the bond between a pet and their owner can be very strong. The loss of a pet can feel like the loss of a close friend or family member.

While grieving a pet who passes away is incredibly emotional and challenging in itself, grieving a lost pet who ran away or was stolen is something else entirely. The uncertainty around a lost pet can provide hope for some, but as the days and weeks pass without signs of their return, it can leave pet owners feeling defeated, confused, and heartbroken.

Photo: Facebook/Charleston Animal Society

A woman in South Carolina knows the pain and hardship of losing a pet all too well after her cat, Mr. Mojo, went missing 10 years ago.

While she long assumed Mr. Mojo was dead, animal control officers ended up finding him just 2 miles from where he went missing! He was brought him to the Charleston Animal Society for care.

The animal rescue shared about him on Facebook, saying that a woman named Erin adopted Mr. Mojo over 10 years ago. She kept him as an indoor/outdoor cat, but one day, she let him outside and he never returned.

Photo: Facebook/Charleston Animal Society

They said, “For weeks she put up flyers in her neighborhood posted on social media and checked the shelter. She did all the right things and still, Mr. Mojo wasn’t found. After a few years, She reluctantly gave up hope of finding him and adopted two other kitties.”

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You can imagine how surprised Erin was to discover Mr. Mojo was alive and well. Thanks to his microchip, the animal rescue was able to locate Erin and inform her that her cat was found!

The rescue wrote, “When our Chief Lifesaving Officer, Pearl Sutton called Erin and she broke down in tears. She had been so worried about Mr. [Mojo] and was shocked that he was at the shelter. Erin rushed to Charleston Animal Society to reclaim her boy.”

Photo: Facebook/Charleston Animal Society

“If your microchip information is kept up to date, @24 Pet Watch Microchips are truly your pet’s ticket home when lost!” they added.

Microchipping is a simple and effective way to ensure the safety and well-being of pets and help locate them if something happens.

Microchipping is important because collars and tags can easily fall off or be removed, leaving a lost pet with no visible identification. Without identification, it can be difficult for lost pets to be reunited with their owners, resulting in a longer and potentially more dangerous period of time for the pet to be alone and vulnerable. Microchipping can also be helpful in cases of theft, as it provides a permanent record of ownership that can be used to prove ownership in legal disputes.

Photo: Facebook/Charleston Animal Society

Microchipping is a simple and inexpensive way to give pets the best chance of being reunited with their owners if they become lost or stolen. It is recommended that all pets be microchipped, as it can make a significant difference in the outcome of a lost pet situation.

If Mr. Mojo hadn’t been microchipped, he almost certainly wouldn’t have been reunited with his family. We’re so glad he got to go home!

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