Cat Refuses To Leave Rescuers Who Saved Her From Earthquake In Turkey

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Rescue efforts in Turkey and Syria are still in full force following the massive Kahramanmaras earthquake that hit the region on February 6th, 2023.

The earthquake has taken the lives of some 41,000 people and counting, but among the lucky survivors is a tenacious feline who has a fire crew to thank for her survival.

Photo: Flickr/USAID U.S. Agency for International Developm

According to Fox 5, members of the Mardin Fire Department were responding to the earthquake when they came across a cat in the rubble.

Fittingly, they named the rescue cat Rubble and the thankful feline refused to leave their side.

Photo: Facebook/Sabah

India Today reports that the cat took to one rescue worker, in particular. That rescuer said:

“We rescue pets as well. On the fourth day of the earthquake, we rescued a Van cat. We handed it over to its owner. We rescued this cat the next day. We named it Enkaz (rubble), because we brought it out of hell. It might sound a little off-putting, but we wanted it to be a memory this way. We share everything we eat and drink here with Enkaz. The cat did not leave our side either. We are also trying to search some clues because maybe we will find the owner of the cat. But he’s not leaving. I see sadness in this cat. I keep it by my side, especially in case the owner comes. But if the owner doesn’t come out, I’m thinking of taking him with me, it will be a memory.”

Photo: Facebook/Sabah

The news company Saba shared a video of the cat with the rescuer and you can see how affectionate the feline is toward the man.

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Check it out below:

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