No More Monkey Business: Momo the Escape Artist Monkey is Back Home!

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Yesterday in Indianapolis, it was a truly bananas day as residents were captivated by the escapades of Momo, a mischievous monkey who managed to break free from his home and lead the local police on quite the wild chase.

The comical chase began when the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department received an unusual call on Wednesday. Residents reported that Momo had made a daring escape from his home on the east side of the city.

Witnesses even spotted the crafty primate running down the street with astonishing speed. It seems Momo, a patas monkey known as the fastest primate in the world, was living up to his reputation with impressive running speeds of up to 35 miles per hour!

The chase took an unexpected twist when a barking dog spooked Momo, causing him to seek refuge in the safety of the trees. Indianapolis Animal Care Services and the concerned monkey owner swiftly arrived at the scene, armed with a net and a well-intentioned peach. However, despite their best efforts to coax Momo down from the trees, the clever primate resisted their attempts.

Throughout the day, the IMPD diligently searched the area for Momo. There were several reports of possible sightings, and a few minor injuries were reported, although it remains unclear if any of them were caused by Momo himself. The police department issued a warning to the locals, urging them not to approach the swift and agile escapee.

After a widespread and nail-biting hours-long search, the moment everyone had been waiting for finally arrived. Momo was discovered and safely returned to his relieved owner. The IMPD took to Twitter to share the exciting news, accompanied by a heartwarming photo of Momo happily nestled back in his owner’s arms. “Momo the monkey has been captured safely,” they announced. “That was more than enough monkey business for us.”

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As news of Momo’s safe return spread, people took to social media to express their joy and relief. One Twitter user commented, “Awww, Momo looks embarrassed. Glad his adventure had a good ending.” The overwhelming support and concern for Momo from the community was heartening.

We’re elated that Momo is now back home, safe and sound! The dedication and efforts of everyone involved in the search are commendable. If you share our love for animals, please help spread the word about this heartwarming rescue story!


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