Cats & Kittens At Rikers Island Cat Rescue Won’t Go Hungry, Thanks to You

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Your donations of pet food and supplies through Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program are transforming the lives of shelter cats at Rikers Island Cat Rescue in New York.

The rescue is run by volunteers who help rehabilitate and socialize the countless feral and stray cats on the 413-acre island (which is also home to New York City’s largest jail). The goal is for each cat to find a loving home.

Meet a few of the cats that are thriving thanks to your generous donations.


Photo: Rikers Island Cat Rescue

This little fella was found by a rescue volunteer at Rikers Island Firehouse huddled in a corner unable to open his eyes. Leo was in bad shape and needed medical care and nutritious food to heal. He received both, thanks in part to your donations, and has made a full recovery.

Photo: Rikers Island Cat Rescue

Leo went to live with a foster family that decided to adopt him. The rescue shared with us, “Leo is adorable, high energy, inquisitive, friendly, brave, playful and extremely affectionate. He very much enjoys playing with people and other kitties. Thanks to programs like GOODS this little guy Leo had the chance to survive. And not only survive, but grow healthy, and smart and THRIVE.”


Photo: Rikers Island Cat Rescue

The three-year-old alpha male was rescued from the streets in need of nutritious food and socializing. Sampson devoured the donated wet food and slowly learned to trust humans. The tasty treats the rescue received thanks to your donations have been a big help in earning this shy boy’s trust.

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He is now a friendly feline who likes to be around people. It didn’t take long for him to find a forever home. Sampson is now the “king” of his home and is being spoiled by his new family.

Photo: Rikers Island Cat Rescue

The rescue said, “We’re so thankful to be able to have donations of wet food to feed the cats of Rikers Island Cat Rescue like Sampson and give him the proper nutrition he needs and deserves.”


Photo: Rikers Island Cat Rescue

Bonkers got his name because he is not afraid of telling people when he has had enough attention. The friendly feline adores being loved on, until he decides that enough is enough. He swats at humans when he is overstimulated and needed to find a patient person who would act as alpha but also give him the love he craves.

Photo: Rikers Island Cat Rescue

He is said to have a “short fuse” and needed an experienced cat owner. Thanks to your donations, Bonkers received nutritious food, toys, and treats while he waited for his special someone.

His patience paid off and he has been adopted!

Photo: Rikers Island Cat Rescue

The staff shared, “We miss him terribly, but he is exactly where he should be, with a loving human. He waited a long time for this, and now he’s the king! Thanks to the GOODS program the kitties of Rikers Island Cat Rescue do not go hungry. They won’t only have to survive on dry food, but will get the health benefit of wet food as well.”

Be sure to follow Rikers Island Cat Rescue on Instagram for more updates and to see adoptable cats.

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The rescue thanks you on behalf of Leo, Sampson, Bonkers, and all the other cats helped by your contributions. GOODS lends a helping hand to overwhelmed shelters and rescues by sending much-needed pet food, treats, and supplies. Thank you for your continued support.

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