Corona’s Rescue Story

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I had just turned 19, failed out of college, and was living out of my car in California when I decided to make a change. I threw a dart at a map I had placed on the wall of my friends living room. Boom! It hit Tennessee, and one week later I packed up everything I owned, sold what I could, and drove east. An acquaintance of mine had a cousin who lived in Tennessee and offered me to let me stay in her spare room for a few months until I landed on my feet. I admit, I was scared and totally alone.

Photo: Pixabay

Two days into my Tennessee travels, a neighboring college kid was having a large party and invited the entire complex over. I went even though I wanted nothing to do with the party scene. During the party, the host was telling a story — almost bragging — to everyone about how he had just dumped his girlfriend and was newly single, although his ex had just given him one of two kittens their mutual cat had given birth to. So, I piped up and asked if he still had the kitten. He said he did and that he keeps it outside (in a Tennessee winter) in the water heater closet and once a day throws it a piece of bologna. I WAS MORTIFIED!

Photo: Dana

I walked out onto his patio and found the kitten hidden behind the water heater, terrified, freezing, and starving. I scooped her up, and she immediately climbed into my shirt and sat atop my breasts (something she still does), I walked back into the party and clocked the guy right in the face — in front of roughly 100 people I didn’t know — but I didn’t care.

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Corona became my everything. She went everywhere with me and she became my reason to start over, my reason to not give up. She has been with me 12 years now, we are back in California and couldn’t be happier!

Story submitted by Dana, from Long Beach, CA.

Corona’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!”

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