The Million Dollar Kitty: A Lesson of Faith

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Let’s set the stage: Sunday, 9pm at night, neighbors young son knocks on our door saying his mom needs help. I hurried across the street to see what was wrong. I notice the boy’s mom outside with a big box. Inside was a tiny 5-week-old kitten with her left front arm muscle hanging off the bone and her tail completely skinned off. We took the kitten home and cleaned her up, taping popsicle sticks to her arm and left her in the box for the night anticipating the worst.

Photo: Pixabay

The next morning, the kitten was wide awake trying to jump out of her box. Her fight and determination made me realize we had to save her. We rushed her to the vet and were greeted with concerned looks and doubts that she would survive. I, however had faith this little fighter would survive. They performed emergency surgery, removing her tail first and then pulling the arm muscles back into place. At this point, we knew she would live and named her Miss Meesa.

Unfortunately, the arm surgery didn’t work resulting in 6 months of casting and re-casting. The vet techs loved when Meesa came to visit and fought over who would play with her first. They even signed each new cast. I was devastated the day we were told the arm needed to be removed but Miss Meesa, on the other hand, was clearly happier without it and could finally walk normally.

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Photo: Cassie Crampton

Today, we call her the Million Dollar Kitty because we invested so much money, faith and love into this tiny little creature that we didn’t even think would survive the first night. I’ve never met a cat as nice as Meesa. She’s taught me what it means to be a survivor and I can’t imagine what our lives would be like without her.

Story submitted by Cassie Crampton, from Hickory, NC.

Miss Meesa’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!”

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