Depressed Shelter Cat Looks Like A Whole New Animal After Being Adopted

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Mister Fishtopher the cat

A depressed shelter cat went viral for his sad looks, but he’s hardly recognizable since being adopted!


The sad cat, Fishtopher, was put up for adoption through the Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in Blackwood, NJ.
Photo: Flickr/Maryland GovPics License: CC BY 2.0

On his PetFinder profile, it said:

“Fishtopher is not a fish out of water, but he is out of sorts at the shelter. He is very sad and depressed and will only eat when he has company.”

It went on to say that the five-year-old cat was found as a stray and “maybe he is missing his family.” They described him as a “sweet, easy-going, laid-back boy” who “loves being pet.” However, he was so sad at the shelter that he “wouldn’t even look up for pictures.”

After being shared, it wasn’t long before his profile went viral thanks to his sad description and accompanying photo.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before the poor thing had a huge line of people waiting to adopt him! The adoption center shared on Facebook in late November that Fistopher was adopted!

They said, “Fishtopher went viral online with his sad, fat face. We literally had hundreds of inquiries from people who wanted to adopt and people were waiting out front this morning in line!” Needless to say, he found a loving family to take him home.

While he may have been sad at the shelter, he looks like a whole new cat in his forever home!

Fishtopher, a brown and black striped tabby cat, now in his forever home. He stands up and leans against the couch but the lower half of his body is blocked by the camera person's leg. He looks slightly upward with large, sparkling green eyes. His ears are pointed up and forward and his mouth is almost in a wide smile. His pink nose is a much brighter pink now, and his large cheeks are still large, but smaller in comparison.

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to be loved is to be changed

— Fishtopher the Cat (@mrfishtopher) February 22, 2023

Fistopher’s new family shares about him on Instagram and Twitter and he hardly looks like the same feline who was posted about just months ago.

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As shared on the cat’s Intsagram account, Fishtopher suffers from FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). According to Cornell University, FIV is one of the most common and infectious diseases of cats around the world. It “attacks the immune system, leaving the cat vulnerable to many other infections.”

Cats with FIV may live mostly normal lives, though many suffer from severe illnesses related to the virus. Thankfully, Fistopher seems to be doing just fine. Check out the photos of him below:

You can keep up with Fishtopher on Instagram, @mister.fishtopher.

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