Dog Nearly Choked To Death By Collar Starts New Life In Idaho

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We received the best news on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day – Polly (a.k.a. Polly Pocket) has been adopted!

Do you remember the sweet pup who arrived at Iberville Parish Animal Shelter in Louisiana with a swollen head due to an embedded collar? She was nearly choked to death by a collar that was placed on her as a puppy and never removed as she continued to grow.

Photo: Bayou Buddies

We asked for your help to cover her medical bills through Greater Good Charities’ (GGC) Emergency Animal Medical fund and you stepped up in a big way.

Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

She then caught a Flight to Freedom, thanks again to your generous donations, and landed in Idaho where dedicated staff and volunteers at Lake Lowell Animal Rescue continued her care.

Photo: Lake Lowell Animal Rescue

Polly underwent two surgeries and laser treatment to try and repair the damage done by the embedded collar. She spent months recovering with a loving foster family.

Photo: Lake Lowell Animal Rescue

She has left her painful past behind her for a fresh start.

Her joyful and friendly personality makes her a favorite wherever she goes, and she has finally found a loving home.

Photo: Lake Lowell Animal Rescue

GGC shared that Polly was adopted and her new family absolutely adores her. She will spend the rest of her life showered with affection and love. She is living her best life thanks to your support, and she sends endless kisses.

Numerous people were involved in Polly’s recovery, and we want to thank all of you that helped this sweet pup.

Photo: Lake Lowell Animal Rescue

Sadly, every day sick and injured animals arrive at shelters in need of emergency medical care. The Animal Rescue Site is a proud partner with Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical fund that provides grants to rescues and shelters to cover emergency surgeries and ongoing care.

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Countless pets have been saved and found loving homes through the program and many more are waiting for their happy ending. Click here to see the current animals we are raising funds for.

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