Family Discovers a Surprise Visitor on Their Porch: A Seal Pup!

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Life is full of unexpected surprises, especially when it comes to encounters with wildlife. Imagine the astonishment of a family when they discovered an adorable seal pup taking a cozy nap on their porch. It’s not every day that you come home to find such an unexpected guest!

This heartwarming incident took place in Wellington, New Zealand, and was shared on Facebook by the Department of Conservation. The post revealed that the little adventurer, a New Zealand fur seal, had embarked on quite a journey before settling down for a nap.

It had climbed seawall stairs, crossed a road, hiked up a footpath, traversed a driveway, and navigated another set of stairs before finally choosing the porch as its resting spot.

The New Zealand fur seal, also known as kekeno, is not actually a true seal but is closely related to sea lions. This time of year, between May and September, is affectionately called “seal silly season” in New Zealand.

During this period, young seal pups and adult males venture away from their colonies, exploring the wider world. It’s not uncommon for locals to come across seals in unexpected places such as roadways, public spaces, and even their homes.

The Department of Conservation reassures people that these encounters are perfectly normal and that the seals should be left undisturbed to go about their business. While they may appear skinny or sick, with weepy eyes and a cough, this is a natural state for the seals and they are incredibly resilient creatures. Seals simply need rest, not rescuing.

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However, if a seal is injured or in immediate danger, it is advisable to contact the Department of Conservation for assistance. In the case of this dozing porch seal, an officer promptly arrived and relocated it to a safer location away from potential risks.

Just imagine the joy and awe of finding such a cute seal pup right outside your front door! It’s an encounter that would undoubtedly create cherished memories and a great story to share with others.

If you love animals and the wonders of nature, please share this heartwarming story. Let’s spread the joy and appreciation for our furry friends!


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