Family Reunited with Cat Who Was Accidentally Shipped to an Amazon Facility 600+ Miles Away

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When the Carrie Stevens Clark’s cat, Galena, first went missing from her Utah home, no one in the family had any idea how she’d managed to escape. Carrie and her husband, Matt, put up flyers, enlisted the help of friends and family, and spent a week looking for their precious kitty, but she was nowhere to be found.

The answer would come a few days later in the form of a vet call from over 600 miles away in California, and the story was crazier than the Clarks could ever have imagined.

Photo: YouTube/KSL News

It turned out that Galena had climbed into a large Amazon shipping box containing some pairs of boots that were slated to be returned. Because of the size and contents of the box, she was not noticed when the family packed up the box and Matt transported it to a carrier facility to be shipped. For her part, Galena apparently kept quiet for the entire trip.

Photo: YouTube/KSL News

Galena was trapped in the box without food or water for six days before an Amazon worker named Brandy opened the box to process the return. She, thankfully, found the cat uninjured and in good condition and took her in for the night before bringing her to a veterinarian the next day. Mild temperatures and a break in one seam of the box are likely what saved her from being much worse off.

Photo: YouTube/KSL News

Galena was transported to a veterinarian, who learned that she had a microchip and was able to make contact with the Clarks to tell them where their cat was. Carrie says she thought it was a joke at first, because she couldn’t see any possible way that Galena could have traveled to California in six days.

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All the same, Carrie and Matt hopped on a plane the next morning to southern California to be reunited with their cat. After IV treatment for dehydration, Galena was released from veterinary care, and the trio drove 10 hours back home.

Photo: YouTube/KSL News

What a crazy adventure for this precious little kitty! We can only imagine all the things that must have been going through her head and how she felt to finally breathe fresh air, get some food and water, and get back in touch with her family.

Check out the video below:

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