Rescuers Find Cat Abandoned With Heartbreaking Note

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People working in animal rescue often deal with a lot of heartbreaking situations, but some stories hit the heart a little harder than others.

One of those situations recently came from the RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch when rescuers were alerted to an abandoned cat left in a cage.

The RSPCA took to Facebook to share the heartbreaking story, explaining that the little cat was found abandoned with the note attached to her.

The note read:

“My name is Lilo (LEE-LOW) and I am one. My mummy is sorry and she loves me very much but she can’t keep me anymore. I love treats and soft blankets to make biscuits on. I am an indoor cat too. I love to play and am very independent but I do love a snuggle and to sleep on the end of the bed at night. I am a good girl and my mummy hopes somebody will love me more. Please take care of me.”

The note ended with, “PS: I’ve been with my mummy since birth so I’m not used to other people.”

While abandoning an animal is never acceptable, it’s not always possible for pet owners to keep caring for their pets. The RSPCA did say that the note helped them find the perfect foster home for Lilo, so at least there’s a happy ending in it. They said: “She was a very frightened, timid cat but thanks to the details provided by her owner we were able to place in a foster home that replicated her original home.”

They went on to say, “She soon settled and forged a strong relationship with her foster mom…This enabled us to introduce her to new people and find Lilo the purrfect match of an adopter for her. Today we are taking Lilo to her new, furever home to an very excited adopter. We want to say a special thank you to her foster mom (she’s American!) and her adopted mum, for without them both we could not have made this happen. A great success based on team work.”

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We’re so happy for Lilo!

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