Homeowner startled by 12-foot python that slithers through toilet

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Snakes are fascinating creatures that also happen to be quite pretty to look at. However, it is preferable that they stay in their natural habitats.

My greatest fear is that a snake will find its way into my home, and I will be helpless to stop it. Just picture a 12-foot python unexpectedly making its way up your toilet.

This actually happened in Thailand, and photos of the aftermath have gone viral. On March 17, a family in Samut Prakan, Thailand, was horrified to see a python emerge from their toilet.

A wildlife crew was sent in after the distressing incident to help remove the 12-foot-long snake from the toilet’s pipes.

According to News Flare, housewife Suwi Paramas saw a terrifying event while washing her hands after using the restroom. She was utterly terrified when a huge, green-yellow lizard walked into the restroom.

Suwi, terrified, ran out of the room. After hearing her screams echo throughout the home, her husband and brother-in-law knew immediately that something was very wrong.The family was saved after they called for help.

A video shows the wildlife crew securing the snake using a specialized device. Two men tried to remove the python by squeezing it, but they were unsuccessful. It was hard to keep things under control, and they only became worse.

It was terrifying. I couldn’t bear to see how they caught the snake. Suwi reportedly claimed, “It could have killed me.”

Even though the snake was still caught in the u-bend, a bent section of plumbing, the decision to break the porcelain basin was made with the family’s permission.

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However, due to its huge stomach, it was not easy to draw it out of the hole in a straight line. The wildlife crew disassembled the pipework and rescued the snake from the opposite side to ensure the snake’s and the plumbing system’s safety.

Thankfully, everything was handled expertly, otherwise things may have turned out very differently. There were no reported injuries, and the snake was safely removed so that it could be released back into its natural habitat.

I hope this strange snake stays there in the future. This is not the first time a python has been spotted in a Thai bathroom; typically, they emerge during the hot season in search of cool, moist areas.

In Southeast Asia in 2021, there were a number of shocking events with snakes in restrooms. One such event was a large 8-foot-long python that bit a man in the butt before being removed from the toilet.A 10 foot python that had escaped from a squat toilet and bit into the penis of a Thai guy in 2016 sent him to the hospital.

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