Incredible Mustang Has No Doors or Hood but Still Looks Good!

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Imagine that you go to a car dealer to buy a new car for yourself and he offers you one with no doors and hood.

It looks like a pathetic combination of junk parts which are all irrelevant. Sounds terrible, right? It really does! But don’t forget the possibility of it being a mind-blowingly cool car. In today’s video that you all would like to see, you’re going to check out such a car! This interesting machine has no doors or a hood that protect the internal equipment, and these deficiencies are what make this car special. This is a Mustang powered by a badass engine by Drummond Race Cars, an accomplished race car fabrication facility. As there is no hood, the super complex and super strong engine is all visible from every aspect, meaning that you can see how it works and sounds clearly. How perfectly would this Mustang perform in a race! It’s not that hard to imagine!

Watch the video till the end to see how this amazing Mustang drives like a boss, how it looks and how it sounds and don’t forget to leave your comment below. We care what you think!

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