Injured Stray on the Mend Needs a Safe, Loving Environment to Blossom in

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This is a story about a cat named Addy who was brought to an animal shelter in southern Arizona as an injured community cat. She has undergone a long healing process from her wounds, and she’s in foster care right now, but she needs an environment where she can keep to herself for the time being and be a friend to other cats while she adjusts.

This is what her foster caregiver was able to share with any potential forever family:

Food-motivated, Addy is partial to Tiny Tiger and Fancy Feast. She likes puree treats and wet food but does not care for pate. Like many cats, she can be a very discerning eater. But, hey, she knows what she likes and you can’t fault her for that.

adoptable cat
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Most of the time, she is quiet. She meows a little bit when she is playing. If something disturbs her, though, like a dog getting in her space, she may meow loudly. She’s just voicing her opinion.

As to exposure to and her temperament towards kids, other cats, and dogs, she’s hidden herself when children were around. She is good with most cats, but she can be a bully towards those that don’t stand their ground with her. She is fine with dogs as long as they don’t try to interact with her.

While her foster home provides a very calm environment, Addy was a colony cat for 12 years, and she doesn’t like to be touched. She has made great progress but still hasn’t gotten to the point where she will tolerate petting.

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She also understandably hides when anything unfamiliar is happening. She only recently got to the point where she doesn’t dash away when her foster walks nearby, so she is making progress.

She likes to sleep in the top hammock of her cat tree or under the TV console, and she is house-trained and litter-box-trained. As to toys, she likes quiet toys and is not fond of bells, but she loves rattle mice and ping pong balls and is obsessed with the bird teaser from Chewy.

adoptable cat
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

The words and qualities that best describe Addy are reserved, but she definitely has an attitude and personality. She is a funny, quirky cat who is surprisingly spry and playful for her age. When she gets going on her toys, she acts like a little kitten.

With time and patience, Addy could be a wonderful companion once she can adjust.

If you or anyone you know would like to give Addy her golden years forever home, please email Her ID# is A700812. She is spayed and weighs approximately 6 pounds, and shelter staff thinks she’s about 15 years old. She first arrived there on March 03, 2020, so she’s long overdue for a place of her own.

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