Meet The Ginger Cat Bob Who Changed A Homeless Man’s Whole Life

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Meet The Ginger Cat Bob Who Changed A Homeless Man's Whole Life


Meet The Ginger Cat Bob Who Changed A Homeless Man’s Whole Life

This is a story about a wonder. Regarding the red furry wonder that changed the life of a homeless drug addict and made him a rich man. Regarding an amazing cat named Bob.

This tale begins with an unfortunate boy that did not locate a house for himself, although he officially still had a family and a home. On March 15, 1979 in the English region of Surrey a boy called James Bowen was birthed. However the family broke up and James’ mommy took him to Australia. There she was waiting on a succession of schools. The boy did not have time to make friends, he was often bullied by his classmates, and in high school, James dropped out of school entirely.

At 18, Bowen went back to England, where he mosted likely to live with his older paternal half-sister and her husband. But the relationship did not work out, and James began to invest more and more nights on the street. He soon left his home permanently and made a living playing the guitar in parks and roads, sleeping outdoors or in barracks. Depression and psychological breakdown caused the fact that he began to take heroin.

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” People don’t want to listen. All they see is the person they believe wishes to ride for free at their cost. They do not recognize that I’m working, not begging. I’m attempting to make a living. Just because I don’t wear a suit and tie, don’t carry a briefcase, and don’t sit in front of a computer doesn’t mean I slouch.” James Bowen

James tried to get out of the drug circuit and in the spring of 2007, he started joining the methadone program. He played in the streets of Covent Garden and lived in a little room offered to him by the council.

One afternoon he came home and located a ginger cat. in the living-room. James decided that it was a animal of one of the tenants, so he simply shut the door, leaving the animal outside. But the cat came the next day, and the following day. Bowen analyzed the furry and located neither a collar nor an recognition tag, however he did see that the unfortunate male had harmed his paw and required therapy. Therefore James chose to assist the cat himself, whom Bob called after the character who embodied evil in the magical Twin Peaks series.

” Cats are known for their pickiness. They choose who to give their love to. If a cat does not like his owner, he will go away and locate someone else.” James Bowens

Having met a being who remained in an even more miserable situation than himself, James got inner strength. He cured the cat’s paw and assisted eliminate the infested fleas. Unlike his freedom-loving brothers, Bob did not also think about walking alone, but willingly come with James on his trips to Covent Garden, sitting proudly and calmly on the musician’s shoulder throughout performances.

to attract more audiences, they willingly filmed video clips and posted them on YouTube, and James (and Bob!) garnered followers who concerned Covent Yard specifically for their performances. After Bowen was interviewed by a local paper, he decided to write a book about his eventful encounter with Bob and met his future literary representative, Mary Panchos.).

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” It was a terribly cold winter day,” Panchos recalls. “This man was shivering with cold, and then I looked down and saw a cat sitting decorously on a stack of magazines, and I claimed to myself, ‘This can not be. I have actually never seen a cat do that. Canines yes, however cats no””.

Bob is actually an incredible cat. He opens doors and also uses the bathroom. Some have tried to compare him to Garfield, the famous comic cat, but James differs that they are alike: his friend is not so cynical and lazy. Bob is more like a Buddha cat, he is also calm and smart.

A easy and direct tale conquered the world. James’s publication A Road Cat Called Bob has actually been translated right into lots of languages from Russia to Japan.

The book got two sequels: The Globe According to Bob and A Present from Bob. James has also composed several children’s adaptations: Bob: No Ordinary Cat and My Name Is Bob.

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