Midnight’s Story

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She came to me because her people had moved away. I fed her at the door, and she came in. The neighborhood kids had been kicking her because she was a black cat, and she was fearful of men. She would growl whenever she saw pant legs near her.

Midnight was an indoor/outdoor cat. She would follow us everywhere. She would follow us to the local diner and wait in the bushes to accompany us home after we ate.

Photo: Linea App

One day, she followed my daughter to school. My daughter closed the door behind her and said, “Midnight, go home.” Then an hour or so later, an announcement came from the principal’s office. Would (my daughter’s name) come to the office? My daughter wondered why. She was a good student and didn’t do anything wrong!

When she got there, there was Midnight, growling at all the pants in the office. She had waited for the next student to open the door and let her in, and then no one could touch her! But then my daughter said, “Midnight, let’s go home,” and the cat followed her home just like Little Bo Peep.

Photo: Pixabay

Midnight was a verbal cat and would talk to me when she wanted food or to be let in and out. Sometimes, just to talk. She lived with us until she got cancer and died. We talked as she lay dying at home. Then as she died, she lifted her head one last time and howled goodbye. I loved her as a human. I am never forgetting my Midnight!

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Story submitted by Linea App, from Mamaroneck, NY.

Midnight’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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