Missing Cat Found 6 Years Later After Her Family Moved From London To Australia

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Dealing with a missing cat is incredibly stressful. You can’t be certain if they’re ok or if you’ll ever see them again, and it’s easy to feel powerless in those situations.

It’s a situation a British family of five found themselves in when their 18-month-old kitten, Tallulah, went missing back in 2017.

Photo: Pexels/Charles Pragnell

The kitten seemingly wandered freely from their London home and simply didn’t return one day.

According to the New York Post, 45-year-old Lisa Gregory looked high and low for Tallulah,
along with her husband and three kids, but they suspect she was taken in by another family. She reportedly likes to roam freely outside, and it’s possible someone mistook her for a stray.

Around a year after Tallulah’s disappearance, the family packed up and moved to Sydney, Australia. It was a big change, and with that move, they also welcomed a dog into their family.

Photo: Pexels/Dominic Buccilli

The Daily Mail reports that Lisa was “shocked” when she received an email from the RPSCA stating they’d found her cat near her old home in London.

Tallulah had been microchipped, allowing the RSPCA to easily track the Gregory’s down. While most pet owners would be elated by the news, the Greogrys are undecided on how they want to proceed.

Photo: Pexels/Christy Rice

You see, to get Tallulah back, they’ll need to fork out around £2,000 (~$2,400) and wait a year for the cat to undergo a quarantine period. She’s currently seven and a half years old, and Lisa is unsure if they want to go through all the work and spend the money to bring her over to Australia.

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It’s likely that the cat will remain in London will a family member. At least they’ll be able to sleep at night knowing what happened to their beloved pet!

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