Stray Cat Found With An Arrow Through His Neck Is Rescued And Named Cupid

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Warning: Graphic images below.

A Pennsylvania woman looked out her window and immediately called for help when she spotted a neighborhood cat in her backyard with an arrow through his neck.

Perkiomen Animal Hospital received the call and reached out to local cat rescue Stray Cat Blues to see if they could help. The rescue immediately responded and went in search of the abused cat.

“After seeing the pictures of this injured cat, we knew we could not rest until we found him, and we immediately started searching. Many hours were spent searching in the woods, handing out fliers to the neighbors and setting traps at multiple sites,” posted the rescue.

With help from the community, the orange tabby cat was finally captured 8 days later a mile away from where he was originally spotted. The arrow was no longer in his neck, but he had severe wounds from where it had entered and exited. He was rushed to Quakertown Animal Hospital to be treated.

“The arrow went into his left shoulder, over his neck. So it missed all of his major nerves, arteries, his spinal cord, but it definitely caused a lot of trauma,” Dr. Arielle Schoenlein told local news WPVI.

The rescue decided to name him Cupid and shared his story on Facebook to ask for help with his medical costs. They said, “NO ANIMAL should ever endure suffering like this. This is animal cruelty. This morning our little cupid has a great prognosis, but he will need substantial medical care and your donations are what make this happen!”

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Generous supporters donated to his care and covered his medical bills. The sweet feline is on the road to recovery in a loving foster home.

Pennsylvania State Police are looking for the person responsible.

Follow Stray Cat Blues on Facebook for more updates on Cupid and when he will be available for adoption.

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