Molly, No Longer A Chain Dog!

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Miss Molly came into our lives 3 years ago. (Dec. 1) which is now her Bday. She spent the first 4 years of her life on the end of a 20 ft. chain.

It all started when I walked past her on my way to work. She would bark at me. I began throwing her dog treats to quiet her because it was very early in the morning and I didn’t want her to wake everyone.


It quickly evolved into leftovers and fresh water. I never saw any food or water put out for her. She would wantingly look at the people as they left the house where she lived, for any scrap of attention. Never even a glance at her.

I finally just walked up to the door and asked if they would give her to me. No, was the answer. I asked to buy her and they agreed! She was mine for $50.00. Was prepared to go much higher. She came home with me that day. She had never been inside or on flooring.


She had 2 accidents and no more. She now has her own bed, constant water, and food, a sister dog (pom poo), all the love she can stand, puppy play dates, and airline miles. She is the most gentle, loving dog I have ever known.

She is black and white with crystal blue eyes. The weather here is the most brutal in the nation. We often have -40 for weeks at a time and wind of 30+ mph. How she survived outside for so long, I don’t know. I have heard others also fed her when they walked by.

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The Barrow Alaska Vet clinic has a rescue department. They rescue dogs from all across northern Alaska. There are always Huskies available. Their stories are heartbreaking. Molly is a true gift of love!! Someone said, “Molly won the puppy lottery!!” I think I was the one that won the big prize!!!


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