“Naughty” Cats At Wisconsin Shelter Seek Homes With No Rules

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Sharing a home with a cat is never boring, especially one with a naughty cat.

While cats are curious and sometimes mischievous, there are some who take unruly to a whole new level. However, we can’t help but love them more.

Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin understands that some people are looking for a “nice” cat while other are drawn to the “naughty” ones, so every week they feature one of each that are looking for a loving home.

Those wanting a snuggle buddy and to be greeted with chirps and soft purrs are advised to check out the “nice” cats. People looking for an adventure and the thrill of not knowing what will happen each day are encouraged to check out the “naughty” cats.

Naughty can be defined in many ways and some cats continue to find new definitions for the word. Meet Shadow, this week’s “naughty” cat. His caretakers wrote, “Shadow can’t decide what he wants. Does he want to play? Snuggle? Be your friend? Swat at you? Judge you silently from his cat tree? Only Shadow knows and he’s not sharing.”

Last week’s bad girl was Riley. According to the shelter, “Riley likes to look straight at you, throw her food on the ground, then scream to let you know that her bowl is empty. Riley’s playing games with us and is 100% winning.”

Here are a few more adoptable cats who break every rule. Peanut is a “party” animal. “Peanut throws his litter around like it’s confetti. We acknowledge your right to party, but we ask that you start cleaning up after yourself, Peanut,” his staff wrote.

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Then there is Frankie. His bad behavior resulted in him being labeled the “naughty” cat of the week. Try not to laugh as you read what his caretakers wrote, “Frankie has made it 0 days without hitting someone. ZERO! NADA! ZILCH! He just can’t keep his bappy little paws off of us – even when we’re minding our own business.”

All cats, no matter their temperament, deserve and want a loving home. The shelter made sure to note, “Naughty Cats are still amazing companions and would love to go home again!”

Check out all the adoptable felines at the shelter here.

If you are not able to adopt at the moment, you can still spoil all the homeless cats at the shelter by donating cat enrichment supplies. The shelter recently put out a plea for supplies on Facebook.

Be sure to follow the shelter on Facebook for their weekly nice cat/naughty cat and don’t forget to share.

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