Neglected Dachshund Dumped By Breeder At Shelter Gets Care She Needs

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Your donations of pet supplies through Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program are transforming the lives of pets, like Allie.

A double dappled Dachshund that was deemed “unsellable” by the breeder was brought to a local shelter in Oklahoma.

Photo: LowRider Dachshund Rescue

This coloring of dog is a result of breeding two dapple Dachshunds, which is not advised due to the increased health risks. Just like “double merle” coloring in other dogs breeds, double dappled Dachshunds can be blind, deaf, or both.

Dachshund Breed Council states, “Given the potential health risks associated with Double Dapples, it is considered irresponsible and unacceptable to mate two Dapples together.”

The six-month-old puppy was named Allie and arrived at LowRider Dachshund Rescue with a bad skin and ear infection. She was treated for her infections with medication and started on special food, which your donations helped provide.

Allie devours the tasty food and her skin is starting to heal. Her ear infection has cleared up and she is finally living as a puppy should.

Photo: LowRider Dachshund Rescue

Her foster mom says she is a curious and happy pup. She is living her best life and sends loads of kisses for your support.

Animal shelters are overwhelmed with the number of surrendered and stray animals that arrive almost daily. Many shelters are also seeing a decrease in adopters which means they are over capacity. Your donations to Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program sends much-needed supplies, food, bowls, and much more to shelter pets.

LowRider Dachshund Rescue has been rescuing dogs for the past sixteen years. According to their website, “We take in 200+ homeless and unwanted doxies a year and find them loving fur-ever homes! We are staffed completely by un-paid volunteers. We do not have a facility, all of our dogs are currently fostered in private foster homes through the Oklahoma City metro and Tulsa.”

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Learn more about the rescue here.

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