Poor “Buddy” the Fox Pup

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As I was driving to work one morning on a very busy road, I noticed an animal on the shoulder of the road that had been hit. However, as I passed it, it popped its little head up.

I immediately stopped, turned around, and drove back to this little creature. As I approached I saw that the little guy was a fox pup. I grabbed a blanket from my trunk and cradled the pup and put him in the car next to me.


By now, I was petting my new friend Buddy and telling him all would be okay. I pulled over and called every vet I could Google but I was told they were not allowed to treat wild animals. Blessedly, one vet told me about the local wildlife rescue and I immediately drove there as fast as I could. As I was already bawling while petting Buddy, I could not get there fast enough!


Having arrived at the wildlife center, the wonderful people there took Buddy in and assured me he would be okay. He was banged up pretty badly, but with some time and healing, Buddy would be good to go in a few weeks. He’ll never be able to be in the wild again, but he will remain at the rescue center for kids and people to enjoy as they learn about our wonderful wild creatures.

Lora B
Media, PA

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