Rescuers Save Stray Dog Trapped In An Irrigation Canal

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When rescuers with the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team in Greece heard about a dog trapped in an irrigation canal, they knew they couldn’t leave him there.

The canal was thankfully dry at the time, but if the dog wasn’t rescued, he’d likely die there.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Animal rescuer Ermoni and a partner worked together to corner the dog in the canal. He was terrified, but they worked slowly and helped him feel as comfortable as possible during the rescue.

As soon as they got close to the dog, who they later named Franky, they noticed he was covered in ticks. He was also wearing a collar, which means he had an owner at some point.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

After getting Franky out of the canal, Ermoni and the rescue team took him to the veterinarian for a check-up while they tried to contact the dog’s owner. Unfortunately, nobody came forward to claim little Franky. The pup was only around 6 months old, and he’d had a rough start to life.

Beyond being found covered in ticks in an irrigation canal, the poor pooch was found to be suffering from a Mediterranean disease from the ticks.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team plans to keep Franky in their care until he’s recovered and healthy from the disease. After that, he’ll get a new lease on life. They plan on putting him up for adoption with a loving family who won’t abandon him like the first family he had.

You can learn more about Franky’s story and see his rescue in the video below from Diasozo Animal Rescue:

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