Scarface’s Rescue Story

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In September 2012, my wife received a phone call from her friend that she had found a kitten. The kitten was badly injured, and was missing its bottom lip. Being the cat lovers that we are, we asked that friend to hold onto the kitten for one more day so that we could go and take a look. When we got there, our hearts broke for the poor little thing, he couldn’t have been older than six weeks and barely had his baby teeth.

Photo: Scarface the rescued kitten. Photo: Lou L. Sabina

But when he came up to us, he was immediately affectionate, even though he was seriously injured. We were worried that the vet was going to put him down, but thankfully, he was tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, both of which came back negative, and they told us that with proper medication, he would be a normal, functioning cat, just missing his bottom lip. Because of the infection, they said had we not saved him, he would have been dead within 48 hours.

Within a year, Scarface had assimilated with the other three cats in our house, until another problem occurred. One day, Scarface spotted six baby kittens outside who had made a home under our porch. Because we live in a highly populated area, we decided to trap them in order to save them. We trapped them in our garage, fed them for a few weeks until we thought they were old enough to be adopted out. Two of the cats went to my wife’s aunt, and the other four stayed with us.

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Rescued kittens. Photo: Flickr/Dapinder

Scarface, for some reason, as a male cat, took to the kittens better than any other cat in our house. He essentially became their guardian, and treats them as his own still to this day. Every day we are thankful that we saved this beautiful little kitten, and gave him a home, because not only does he bring us joy, but his new friends keep us and him busy everyday.

Story submitted by Lou L. Sabina, from Pittsburgh, PA.

Scarface’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!”

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