Starving, Tick-Riddled Miniature Pinscher Rescued After Being Abandoned in the Woods

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The following story is a finalist in the Rescue to Royalty Challenge. Three grand prize winners will receive a $250 shopping spree, while a shelter of their choosing will be awarded $2,000 in cash and needed supplies! You can vote for your favorite story here through May 8!

Legacy is a young adult miniature pinscher who was found abandoned in the woods in rural Wolcott, Connecticut. At about 6 pounds, her ribcage was prominent, and she was starving.

After she was spotted in the woods, it took the local animal control officer a few attempts before they were able to safely capture her. Even at her weakest moment, she was a wily little girl!


Animal control asked the volunteers at Spotty Dog Rescue of Bristol, Connecticut to foster her. They readily accepted but were extremely concerned about her condition. It was early autumn, and Legacy’s skin was riddled with ticks. She had clearly run up against another animal, as her body was bruised and there was a split in her ear that took months to heal.

We first became aware of Legacy (at this point about 7 pounds, on her way to adoption once she reached 10 pounds) as her Spotty Dog foster mom, Wendi, had brought this sweet pup to work with her as an office dog (separate from the pack) at the doggie daycare where our other dogs, Calvin and Dex, spend two days a week. We had just adopted 8-year-old Dex about a month earlier, yet I was smitten with Legacy the moment I laid eyes on her. I asked Wendi to show her to my husband, Tim, when he stopped to fetch Dex later that same day. He, too, was intrigued by this miniature pinscher’s deep brown eyes, sleek brown and tan body, regal bearing, and friendly wet kisses!

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Supervised playdates followed, first at the daycare and later at our home. The Spotty Dog folks were great, making certain Legacy was in the right home for her size and temperament. They patiently helped her, us, and the rest of our pack transition and accommodate my then-busy work schedule. Just before Christmas 2023, all involved knew it was a good fit. We eschewed a Christmas tree and brought Legacy into our home for good!

Since then, Legacy has become a beloved member of our family and pack. Her distinctive vertical jump and high energy level keep us all on our toes, which is certainly a value-add. She and Dex have become snuggle buddies, and she and Calvin are always playing tug-of-war with one toy or another or fetch in the yard. She often joins me at work at a local church, where our staff — including our pastor — have made her feel part of the team! She is most assuredly the queen of our pack, and of our family!


Thank you, Spotty Dog, for all you have done to make our little pack complete!

This story was submitted by Carol Vassar in support of Spotty Dog Rescue. You can read more Rescue to Royalty Challenge stories and vote for your favorite here!

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