Ukrainian Woman Just Turned 100 Years Old and Still Cares for Cats Displaced by the War

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In a world full of struggle and woe, it’s important to appreciate and celebrate the little things that make life worth living. That’s why we’re so excited to share Claudia’s humble little story with you.

Photo: United for Animals/Sue Hwang

Claudia is an elderly woman living in Kherson, Ukraine, during this time of war and poverty. Despite the dangers of continuing to live in her area, Claudia has chosen to remain in her home, unlike many others who have fled as refugees to nearby countries. She has even taken in some of the cats who’ve been left behind and displaced because of the conflict. And despite her age, she continues to take in and care for animals in need and wants nothing more than to give them a good life.

Photo: United for Animals/Sue Hwang

Claudia has been visited by our non-profit partner United for Animals to see how they could help her and her cats through this difficult time. Whenever they come, she asks for wet food for the cats but never has any desires for herself. Impressed by her humility and desire to serve the animals, Andriy and the rest of the team decided to throw her a little party to celebrate her 100th birthday on April 22nd.

Photo: United for Animals/Sue Hwang

The team squeezed into Claudia’s tiny home with several boxes of wet cat food in tow, as well as a large bouquet of flowers and a little cake. They wished her a happy birthday and spent some time with her to help her celebrate. A cat or two even joined the little party!

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Photo: United for Animals/Sue Hwang

We suppose being in the middle of a war isn’t how anyone hopes to spend their 100th birthday if they chance to live that long, but we know Claudia’s day, and the rest of her life, will be fulfilling and happy because she chooses to spend her time helping other creatures in need instead of focusing on her own problems.

Happy 100th birthday, Claudia! We hope you enjoyed it!

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