1967 Chevrolet Nova's Restoration is a Work of Art!

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Agree or not, Chevrolet Nova was one of the most impressive compact cars of all times. It’s technically a small automobile manufactured by the American auto giant Chevrolet and stayed in production for five generations between the years 1962 and 1988.

The Chevy Nova looks so beautiful that it’s a privilege to own and drive one. The video we share now demonstrates us a 1967 Chevy Nova. At first, you’ll see that it was covered with a thick layer of dust and dirt, but then restoration begins. It’s is all about the full restoration project of this ’67 Chevy Nova. The video is actually a collage of many different photos taken during the restoration project and they let us see the whole process in full detail. It simply means that you can see the entire process and changes step by step. Isn’t it great! How many of us can witness a restoration project in person! Only a few, we guess! But, watching the video you can watch it and you can enjoy this excellent work. It apparently takes a lot of time, effort, hardwork and money, but the result is worthwhile.

Check out the video to see the first and final look of this badass 1967 Chevy Nova and don’t forget to leave your comment!

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