Let Your Ears Enjoy the Sweet Sound of This 1968 Dodge Charger's Cold Start!

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Imagine that you’re living in a soundless world. We mean literally soundless. No sound. Even a tiny noise. It’s not just you, the whole world is silent.

Birds are not singing. Boiling water doesn’t make a noise. You hit to a hard surface and it makes no sound. You can’t whistle. You can’ talk. No music ! How unbearable would it be ? Would you like to live in such a world. Of course, you wouldn’t ! No body would ! Sound means pleasure ! Think about all the nice sounds you have ever heard. The singing of a bird. Your favorite songs.

Voice of your beloved ones. Sound of waves by the sea. Sound of a cold can of beer when you feel tired after work. Joyful voices of your kids. Laughters of your best friends. Soundtrack of your favorite movie and the intro of your favorite TV show which you wait all week to watch. The first sounds a baby makes. We can’t have time to count all of these amazing sounds. There are millions of them and the life is better with them. In today’s video, you’re going to hear one of the sweetest sounds of the world. A 1968 Dodge Charger’s cold start ! The video shows us this legendary machine getting out of its garage. Such a small garage for such a great machine, though !

Wide open your ears, click on the play button, hear this magical sound and let your ears enjoy it !

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