Cats & Kittens Rescued From Bombed Villages In Ukraine Need Your Help To Recover

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Courageous individuals are risking their own lives to save innocent pets left behind in heavily bombed villages in Ukraine.

The attacks continue as rescuers enter the destroyed areas to look for abandoned dogs and cats. They are finding many traumatized animals that are desperate for help.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The brave volunteers scoop up the dogs and cats and bring them back to Patron Pet Center. They navigate the dangerous roads as bombs continue to go off nearby and keep an eye out for drones.

The center is a safe haven that provides medical treatment and a quiet place for cats to relax.

Meet some of the rescued cats who need our help to recover from their physical and psychological injuries.

Michelle and her kittens

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Michelle and her three kittens were found sick and alone in a destroyed village that people abandoned after repeated attacks. They were brought to the Patron Pet Center and the medical team discovered that the kittens were infected with the highly contagious feline calicivirus (FCV). After undergoing treatment, further diagnostics revealed these poor kitties had also contracted feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). To top it off, Michelle’s gums were inflamed and, since treatment didn’t help, she had to have all her teeth extracted.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Mama and her kittens are slowly starting to recover. Give them the second chance they deserve by donating towards their medical expenses and ongoing bills.


Photo: Patron Pet Center

Graf was found all alone on the outskirts of the city of Kharkov in Ukraine. No one knows how he got there, scared and alone, but the terrible fighting has left many pets like Graf in a similar situation. This teenager kitty was practically eaten by fleas, and in addition to everything, due to poor nutrition, his rectum prolapsed. If rescuers hadn’t found him, Graf would have surely perished.

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Veterinarians at the Patron Pet Center in Kiev have stabilized Graf’s intestine condition with an operation, neutered him, and are caring for his flea dermatitis. Graf needs ongoing support to regain his health and become adoptable.

Donate now to care for Graf.


Photo: Patron Pet Center

Busya was rescued by volunteers in the Ukrainian town of Chasiv Yar. This area has been on the frontlines of the war since Russian forces took the nearby city of Bakhmut about a year ago. In April 2024, officials of Chasiv Yar said as few as 770 residents remain of the towns pre-war population of 13,000 people.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Like many other pets, when her owners fled their homes she was, sadly, left behind. Busya, who was in a state of high stress and anxiety, was brought to the Patron Pet Center for care. At the center she was diagnosed with feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). This condition is very often, deadly. Thankfully, treatment exists, though it is quite costly. The 84-day course of treatment will cost nearly $2,200. Busya is in the fight for her life and her caretakers have begun calling her their Beautiful Cat Warrior!

Help her recover by donating towards her care here.


Photo: Patron Pet Center

Sarah was found in a destroyed village that people left a long time ago. How she survived for this long on her own is a miracle. The only inhabitants of the village of Novobakhmutivka are abandoned pets.

Living on the war-torn streets has taken a toll on her body and she arrived at the Patron Pet Center covered in parasites and starving. She also has a broken tooth that is causing her pain and making it difficult to eat.

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Photo: Patron Pet Center

The sweet feline needs our support to regain her strength and then go on to find a loving home. Help her heal by donating towards her medical expenses and ongoing care.


Photo: Patron Pet Center

The estimated 15-year-old feline was struggling to survive in an abandoned area being bombed daily.

She arrived at the Patron Pet Center after military members rescued her from the Sumy region. Her mouth was full of rotten teeth and every bite she took was painful.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Most of her teeth were extracted and a mass on her stomach was removed. Businka has a long road to recovery ahead, but she is finally safe. Help cover her medical expenses and ongoing care!


Photo: Patron Pet Center

Fila was rescued from the Donetsk region and brought to the Patron Pet Center to be neutered and cared for until he found a loving home.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The poor fella was having trouble urinating, so the medical team inserted a catheter – but his condition did not improve. Fila will need further treatment to figure out where the blockage is and to remove it.

Help relieve his pain by donating towards his medical expenses and recovery costs.

The Animal Rescue Site and Greater Good Charities are working to help expand Patron Pet Center so they can help save even more pets.

Help Save More Animals

The innovative Patron Pet Center was designed by a veterinarian and architect and no detail was overlooked. The sound-proof kennels allow the pets to relax without hearing other dogs bark. The pets are exercised twice a day and there is even a “gym” where the animals can stretch their legs and get out some excess energy.

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The health and happiness of the animals is their top priority. Dogs and cats are given time to decompress after they arrive from war zones and professional trainers work with the animals to help them overcome their fear of loud noises and of humans.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The goal is to find each pet a loving home. Over 100 pets are adopted each month, which means that the center can take in more abandoned and homeless animals. Even though this is an impressive number of pets finding homes, the center is still over capacity and needs more kennels.

More pets continue to arrive at the center, which is already over capacity. Join us in helping them build a much-needed second level with kennels for over 200 cats, a quarantine room, and much more.

Donate now and help save lives!

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