Feral Dog Survives Devastating Loss And Transforms Into Playful Pup

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Your donations of pet supplies through Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program are transforming the lives of pets, like Sadie.

This sweet pup has endured a lot but is now living her best life thanks in part to your support.

She was a feral dog who had little or no human contact before entering an overcrowded shelter in Oklahoma. She was extremely underweight and pregnant. Shortly after arriving at the shelter, she gave birth in an unfamiliar and stressful environment.

Photo: RockySpot Rescue

RockySpot Rescue came to her rescue when they saw that she and her puppies were added to the euthanasia list.

Photo: RockySpot Rescue

Things sadly took a turn for the worst.

The rescue told us, “Unknowingly, the puppies were exposed to distemper at birth and despite doing everything possible, slowly, but with a lot of love and full bellies, they succumbed to the disease. This sent the nearly feral, Sadie into a deep depression which took time to overcome and accept humans.”

Photo: RockySpot Rescue

Sadie found comfort in the donated bed, toys (which she cuddled like babies), and nutritious food to help her regain her strength.

Slowly, she started to trust humans and come out of her shell.

Today, she is a happy pup who loves to run and play. Let her tell you in her own words how much she appreciates your support.

Photo: RockySpot Rescue

“Sadie is my name and chasing is my game! Although I have an amazing home now, I didn’t always and I want to thank the Goods Program for getting me to this point!”

She goes on to say, “The Goods Program providing food, toys and beds for the rescue was an amazing help. We always had plenty to eat and they told me what they saved on dog food when right to my vet care. I wasn’t impressed cause no one likes to go to the vet, but it did help me get into my amazing home where I do therapy work at nursing homes. SO YAY GOODS PROGRAM!”

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Photo: RockySpot Rescue

Sadie is just one of countless dogs that you have saved thanks to your donations to Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program.

The rescue team echoed Sadie’s gratitude and said, “Without the support of the Goods Program food trucks, we would not have been able to try to save these pups from the shelter and show them love and affection for once in their lives. This also allows us to provide better health and shelter care for all the animals in our program. Thank you Goods Program!”

Photo: RockySpot Rescue

Animal shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with the number of surrendered and stray animals that arrive almost daily. Many are also seeing a decrease in adopters which means they are over capacity.

They are in desperate need of pet food and supplies, so please consider donating to help save more dogs and cats.

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