Inseparable Kitten Sibs Need Forever Home with Like-Minded Snuggler

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It’s common knowledge cats are a lot more independent than dogs and therefore, not always as needy for attention via cuddles and hugs. For many people, it’s part of the allure of what might be considered a lower-maintenance pet. But that’s not how all feline fanciers roll. Some folks want cuddle bugs rather than an indifferent housemate that might view their frequent attempts to bond with disdain.

If you dream of having snuggly kitties, then you may have just found them. Meet Sherbet and Sorbet, a couple of super sweet 4-month-old tabbies who break the mold when it comes to preconceived notions of aloof cats. In fact, these two fellas are said to be the ultimate love bugs, and they could be yours.

adoptable kitten
Photo: SA Cat Rescue

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Sherbet is an adorable boy who is the perfect mix of super sweet and outgoing. He loves attention and pets from his humans, especially while sitting in your lap and sharing his purrs of happiness. He also has a playful side with toys or his brother, who’s also a snuggle bug. There’s no doubt this boy will fill his forever home with a lot of love and joy!

Sherbet would do well in any home due to his laid-back and social personality. He would LOVE to go with his brother, Sorbet, as they can always be found together snuggling, playing, or just hanging out. It is not required, however.

Sherbet is neutered, current on vaccines, dewormed, and microchipped. He has no special needs, is house-trained, and is noted to be okay with kids, dogs, and other cats.

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adoptable kitten
Photo: SA Cat Rescue


A snuggly social sweetheart best describes Sorbet. He is so very sweet and loves pets and attention. He does have a fun, playful side but also adores the opportunity to sit on your lap and purr. He is quite talkative and enjoys having conversations with his humans.

Since he is very outgoing, Sorbet would also do well in any home. He loves the company of other kitties, especially his brother, Sherbet. The boys would LOVE to go to their forever home together, but it is not required.

Sorbet is neutered, current on vaccines, dewormed, and microchipped. He also has no special needs and is okay with kids, dogs, and other cats.

If you are interested in adding both or either of these sweet boys to your family, please fill out an adoption application on the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue website.

For more information on these handsome gents, please call or email at (520) 200-1643 or They are currently being fostered in or around the Tucson area.

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