Stray Cat Found Limping Around With Severe Leg Injury Needs Your Help

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Life on the streets is tough. Numerous stray cats arrive at animal shelters with injuries that require immediate medical attention.

A three-year-old ginger cat arrived at Cara’s House in Louisiana as a stray with a severe injury to his leg. The shelter told us, “The radius and ulna bones broke through the skin causing a nasty, open wound with exposed bone.”

The poor fella was limping around and had to be in excruciating pain.

Photo: Cara’s House

The cat was named Pogo. He was examined by a vet who said due to the severity of the injury the best option was to amputate the leg.

The shelter went ahead with the surgery and shared that Pogo is on crate rest for the next two weeks. While their main focus was helping Pogo, they also reached out to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical Fund for help with the sweet feline’s vet bills and recovery.

Animal shelters do their best to care and feed for all the pets in their care but have limited budgets that are mostly spent on food. That is why the Emergency Animal Medical Fund was started to provide grants to animal shelters and rescues to cover the costs of emergency surgery and medical care.

Pogo is expected to live a full life as a tripod. He is the typical affectionate and friendly orange tabby who will be up for adoption as soon as he recovers.

Photo: Cara’s House

After being alone and in pain for so long, Pogo may finally have a chance at being healed and finding a loving home.

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You can help sweet Pogo begin the journey to recovery. Your support will not only give Pogo the hope to keep fighting, but your donations will help cover the emergency surgery and ongoing care he will need.

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