Traumatized Senior Cats Rescued From Frontlines Need Help To Heal

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Evacuated pets continue to arrive at the Patron Pet Center in Ukraine. Many are malnourished and need immediate medical attention. Two senior felines arrived in dire need of care.

Rudi was rescued from the village of Ivanivka suffering from an abscess on her paw, rotten teeth, and bullets from a pneumatic gun were found under the skin. She has endured unimaginable pain but remains a friendly cat.

Photo: GreaterGood

She was quickly started on pain meds and antibiotics. The bullets have been removed and she is finally getting the care she needs, thanks to your support.

Photo: GreaterGood

On the same day, another elderly cat named Frosya arrived with kidney failure and infected teeth. She was rescued along with eight other cats and three dogs from the same rural village of Ivanivka. She is also undergoing treatment and finally in a safe and warm space.

Photo: GreaterGood

All the rescued animals are devouring the pet food that your donations helped provide.

Photo: GreaterGood

These senior cats are just a couple of the countless animals being evacuated from war zones and finding sanctuary at the Patron Pet Center.

Photo: GreaterGood

Check out the video below of Frosya and several other cats arriving at the center and getting much-needed food and care.

The abandoned pets continue to arrive and need our help. The Animal Rescue Site, in partnership with Greater Good Charities, is providing medical care and support to these animals and the shelters. Your donations will help save lives and heal injured pets.

Photo: GreaterGood

We are also helping raise funds to build a dedicated space for over 200 cats at Patron Pet Center to help even more animals in need. The shelter told us there are so many cats who need help, and this new space would give them the second chance they deserve.

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