Adopted Kitten Was Returned To Rescue With One Eye About To Fall Out

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Almost all rescues tell people who adopt, to return the animal to them if they are unable to care for it. With that said, no one expected a cat that was adopted to be returned with an eye about to fall out.

Bandit, was captured with his brothers on a farm where inbreeding ran rapid. All the cats were feral and Bandit’s mother always avoided rescuers. After multiple failed attempts to capture her, the liter of brothers was brought to Nanny’s Fur Kids Cat Rescue.

Bandit had an eye infection that was treated with drops. He continued to have issues with his eye and was put on eyedrops to control it. In January of 2017, he and his brothers were all adopted into their presumably forever homes.


However, Bandit reappeared one day when the adopter returned him with one of his eyes infected and about to fall out. The staff rushed him to the vet to have it treated. The vet immediately started him on medicine for the infection and to reduce swelling. Unfortunately, it was too late and the eye needed to be removed.

After the surgery, Bandit was watched around the clock by the vet team to make sure no complications arose. A few days later, he returned to the shelter with a patch on. He recovered quickly and you would never know he was missing an eye by the way he acts.

It is National Feed A Rescue Pet Week. Last year we beat our goal of feeding 3 million rescue pets. This year our goal is to provide 5 million meals to rescue pets, but we need your help!

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Nanny’s Fur Kid thanks’s Rescue Bank program for providing food and supplies, which allowed them to use the money saved on Bandit’s eye surgery. “Without the help from’s Rescue Bank, we could not have afforded all these vet bills. The donated food and litter gave us more funding to care for many medical vet bills. Each one of our feral cats has their own story. Without the help of Rescue Bank, we wouldn’t be able to take in any more ferals that deserve to be loved.”

Photo: Nanny's Fur Kids Cat Rescue
Photo: Nanny’s Fur Kids Cat Rescue

Rescue Bank has donated over 275 million meals to animals in need. It is the world’s largest pet food distribution network. The goal is to donate pet food to shelters, rescues and sanctuaries to help feed the animals until they find forever homes. Pet food is the number one expense for rescues, usually taking their whole budget. This leaves little or nothing for vet care and treatment. Rescue Bank steps up to help by sending donated food to rescues in need. The money a rescue or shelter saves on buying food can then be used for vet care, vaccinations, adoptions and much more.

Bandit is being spoiled as he awaits his forever family. If you are interested in adopting this lovable cat you can contact Nanny’s Fur Kid.

Help feed animals in need by donating to Rescue Bank. Just $10 ships 400 meals – donate now! For every $1 donated, you save a rescue $17 to help an animal in need.

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