Meet Some Kitten Passengers on This Month’s Flight to Freedom

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In partnership with powered by Purina® and The Animal Rescue Site, Greater Good Charities is celebrating Adopt a Cat month by sending a lifesaving flight full of adoptable cats from California to Oregon, to shelters with more space and more adopters. Make your donation now and it will be matched, up to $100,000, thanks to Purina!

On June 13, cats and kittens from overcrowded California rescues will board a Flight to Freedom and head to Oregon to find a purr-manent home.

Meet a few of the countless kittens who will be on the flight and with your support will get the second chance they deserve.


Photo: OC Animal Care

This male orange tabby is playful, social, sweet, and affectionate. His foster family shared, “When he needs a break from playing, he loves sleeping on your lap. Beau is social, gentle, and he loves playing with his toys. Also, he loves to be held and cuddled. His favorite hang outs are the cat condo, a chair with a soft blanket or pillow, and (cardboard) boxes.” He lived with other cats and is ready to find his forever home.


Photo: OC Animal Care

Gabrielle is a fearless female tortoiseshell-tabby who is ready for her next adventure. According to her caretakers, “She was a great little kitty with a hint of her being a daredevil at some times. She can be affectionate at times but really enjoyed her playtime. She was able to keep herself entertained with the littlest things. Very vocal when it comes to food and getting things she wants. She was even good around our older female cat even when it came around to respecting each other’s boundaries. We are so excited to see her find her forever family!”

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Kenai Fjords

Photo: OC Animal Care

This little fella arrived with an eye infection when he was just a few weeks old. He has been treated and is now a spunky kitten who is called a “purr machine” and loves to cuddle. He is eager to find his special someone in Oregon.


Photo: OC Animal Care

Luke is a typical kitten who loves to play and gets along well with other cats. He is affectionate when he finally tires out from playing. This adorable kitten will curl up in your lap for a nap and make you smile with his crazy antics. He is sure to find a home quickly in Oregon.

These are just a handful of the kittens and cats who are eagerly waiting for their Flight to Freedom on June 13. Donate now and help us save lives.

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